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Four Strategies to Improve Your Startup’s Cybersecurity

Data leaks may mean nothing to some people, but to a startup, they can be disastrous. Just last year, an investigation on cybersecurity breach in business by Risk Based Security resulted in a surprising finding. There were 4.1 billion records compromised, exposing emails and passwords of both individuals and companies. 

Imagine yourself as an app developer. A case of data leak will make you lose users for sure. And the public will lose trust in your other apps. To anticipate such a disaster, we’ve compiled a list of five essential strategies that can improve your startup’s cybersecurity. 

Invest in Security Awareness Training

cyber security on a phoneMost breaches in cybersecurity include some degree of social engineering. Phishing emails, phone calls, and messages are often the most common media for black hat hackers to get sensitive information. And you can’t just assume that your staff has an adequate understanding of identifying those offenses. According to the UK’s Information Commissioner Office, 60% of 4856 personal data breaches in 2019 were a result of human error. Therefore, you need to invest in training your crews with cybersecurity awareness. 

Besides, this kind of training doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive. Look for a cybersecurity service online that provides educational videos and give the link to your employees. Then set the deadline for completing the course. 

Get an Access Control System

An access control system makes sure that no one has to know more than he/she needs to know. If by now, your startup consists of only ten workers, then you may not need it. But this system becomes vital once your startup has 30 or more employees because access limitation mitigates the risk of data breaches.

Implement an Effective Monitoring System

a hacker at workWhen using company assets, workers are expected to work as assigned. Any activities that are not related can increase the risk of data breaches in your company. For instance, porn sites are notorious for infecting users with malware. Your office must employ a monitoring system that can halt access to that kind of risky websites. 

Moreover, a monitoring system is supposed to record all activity logs of anyone who gets access to the company’s computers so that you can identify the source of trouble fast. 

Impose a Password Management Policy

For anything related to work, it’d be better if your company decides the passwords for your employees. Use a random-strong-password generator and use the browser to save it. It is much safer that way than to ask your employee to make a password on their own because they are most likely to create one that is predictable and vulnerable. Also, renew all passwords monthly or annually, depending on whether your startups are dealing with risky websites or not.