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Reasons to Use Sneaker Proxies

People who like sneakers so much resort to using sneaker proxies, also referred to as shoe proxies, to purchase the latest sneakers release from apparels sites, for example, Adidas and Nike. This is because the sneaker sites have restrictions and mainly sell new releases for a short or restricted duration. They also set limits on the number of limited sneakers a buyer can buy from an account.

So, how can you describe a sneaker proxy? This is a proxy server that you can use to make several purchases on sneaker websites. These proxies typically have residential IPS and need to be quick to handle their role successfully.

Here are some of the reasons you need to use sneaker proxies:

To Guarantee Your Anonymity

gurantee anonymityWhen you use the residential proxy for sneaker bots, you are assured of anonymity. This is because you are allocated an alternate IP address, and your total internet traffic gets routed via an intermediary server. As a result, you protect your IP address and even your shopping habits and browsing data. All these are vital because we live in a world teeming with fraudsters and opportunists who, if they got your data, could use it to do fraudulent deals or even drain your account. Besides, with several sneaker bots, you can have the chance to shop from multiple stores concurrently, so you fill your closet.

To Keep You Safe from Bans

Typically, most retail websites put restrictions when selling limited edition products to ensure only one item or pair per person to avoid the items selling out fast or running out of stock. The retailers keep a watchful eye to detect any fast checkouts to flag them off. In addition, they usually ban all non-authentic IP addresses. However, you have no reason to worry because you can use a sneaker residential proxy, and your IP will show that you are a local shopper. As such, you can go on shopping with no worries of getting banned.

To Help You Not to Miss on New Shoes

Those who have been unfortunate enough to the extent of missing out on a limited edition of the shoes they like so much know that the experience is harrowing and would not want to miss again. Luckily, with residential proxies, you can peace of mind since you can improve your chances of getting the shoes given that you can shop from any location you choose or wish. So, for example, let’s say you missed out on the Nike launch in Paris, then you can time when it’s happening in New York.…

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Online Security

Four Strategies to Improve Your Startup’s Cybersecurity

Data leaks may mean nothing to some people, but to a startup, they can be disastrous. Just last year, an investigation on cybersecurity breach in business by Risk Based Security resulted in a surprising finding. There were 4.1 billion records compromised, exposing emails and passwords of both individuals and companies. 

Imagine yourself as an app developer. A case of data leak will make you lose users for sure. And the public will lose trust in your other apps. To anticipate such a disaster, we’ve compiled a list of five essential strategies that can improve your startup’s cybersecurity. 

Invest in Security Awareness Training

cyber security on a phoneMost breaches in cybersecurity include some degree of social engineering. Phishing emails, phone calls, and messages are often the most common media for black hat hackers to get sensitive information. And you can’t just assume that your staff has an adequate understanding of identifying those offenses. According to the UK’s Information Commissioner Office, 60% of 4856 personal data breaches in 2019 were a result of human error. Therefore, you need to invest in training your crews with cybersecurity awareness. 

Besides, this kind of training doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive. Look for a cybersecurity service online that provides educational videos and give the link to your employees. Then set the deadline for completing the course. 

Get an Access Control System

An access control system makes sure that no one has to know more than he/she needs to know. If by now, your startup consists of only ten workers, then you may not need it. But this system becomes vital once your startup has 30 or more employees because access limitation mitigates the risk of data breaches.

Implement an Effective Monitoring System

a hacker at workWhen using company assets, workers are expected to work as assigned. Any activities that are not related can increase the risk of data breaches in your company. For instance, porn sites are notorious for infecting users with malware. Your office must employ a monitoring system that can halt access to that kind of risky websites. 

Moreover, a monitoring system is supposed to record all activity logs of anyone who gets access to the company’s computers so that you can identify the source of trouble fast. 

Impose a Password Management Policy

For anything related to work, it’d be better if your company decides the passwords for your employees. Use a random-strong-password generator and use the browser to save it. It is much safer that way than to ask your employee to make a password on their own because they are most likely to create one that is predictable and vulnerable. Also, renew all passwords monthly or annually, depending on whether your startups are dealing with risky websites or not. 

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Online Security

Staying Safe From E-Commerce Security Breaches

Advances in technology have improved the quality of life in many ways. For instance, thanks to e-commerce trading platforms, it is possible to place an order online and have the goods delivered at your doorstep pronto. However, modern-day consumers are exposed to all manner of risks while browsing through the Internet or buying this online. The key to enjoying the online showing experience is to embrace a few precautions, and here are some essential security tips for online shoppers.

Look at Server Security

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One essential feature of an e-commerce website is server security. As much as most browsing applications might help you flag insecure sites, you need to ensure that you shop at secure server platforms only. This security feature can be identified by looking at Secure Socket Layer encryption, which is often shown by a green padlock at the URL of the site.

Create a Strong Password

Most e-commerce sites require that you create an account before you are allowed to buy anything. With an account on an e-commerce site, your password is your first line of defense. This means that you should use a strong password that cannot be easily hacked. With a strong password, you can be sure that all your personal or financial details are safe.

Use Secure Internet

Most people access e-commerce platforms using Wi-Fi. While most people love free Wi-Fi because it provides them with unlimited access to the Internet, Wi-Fi security poses a real threat. Filling some personal or financial details while browsing using public Wi-Fi area might put you at considerable risk of a security breach. Therefore, you should avoid using free Wi-Fi connections for secure shopping.

Invest In an Anti-Virus Software

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Some hackers prefer using virus attacks to get information from online users. A simple act of clicking a pop-up ad can instigate a virus attack. Thus, since hackers employ all manner of tactics, some of which might you might not be familiar with, you need to invest in a secure antivirus solution. With an antivirus, your device is safe from viruses, malware, and all manner of online attacks.

E-commerce users are often at risk of online security breaches. Applying the tips shared above might prove helpful as far as your security online is concerned.…